We Could All Use More Dancing Shetland Ponies In Our Lives

1. In this first ad, Socks dances to Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere”…

4. …and shows off moonwalking skills…

5. …all through the faux, CGI countryside.

8. Michael Jackson would be proud.

9. In this advert, Socks falls deeply in love and dances to “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”:

12. And finally, Socks dances to “The Final Countdown”…

13. …and is basically Gob Bluth whilst doing an “illusion.”

Find out more about Socks here and watch all of his #DancePonyDance ads here.

Read more: http://buzzfeed.com/whitneyjefferson/we-could-all-use-more-dancing-shetland-ponies-in-our-lives

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