We all know and love at least one music snob… Here’s how to understand them

Idiot's Guide to Smart People - Music

“Any old idiot — even you — loves music, but it takes a smart person to love music in a way that takes all the fun out of it.” …That’s how this video begins, and it only gets better from there.

In a new series from comedy network Above Average , everyone in society is playfully simplified into two categories: idiots and smart people. This helps us idiots understand how smart people think about important topics — in this case, music — and we soon learn that the smart people are really just mostly ridiculous.

Here are a few notable quotes from this video:

Remember that it’s not enough for smart people to like a band. They have to explain why they like a band. And the answer can’t be because it sounds good, even though that’s the only answer that actually matters.

*               *               *

Uncommon time signatures are especially intoxicating to smart people, finally achieving their lifelong goal of injecting math into music.

*               *               *

Both [jazz and classical music] light up all the pleasure centers in a smart person’s brain: they’re obscure, hard to enjoy…and you can study them in college.

There are plenty more, but at this point, it’s time to just watch the video…

(via Tastefully Offensive)

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