Watch the Hofstra Presidential Debate Live Stream

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President Barack Obama and Gov. Mitt Romney’s debate rematch at Hofstra University on Long Island, N.Y. is slated for Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET. Mashable readers can watch the presidential debate live stream right here, along with a live blog featuring a panel of political experts, meme-finders and Mashable staff.

The idea? To bring you top-shelf political analysis plus the best viral content popping on the social web throughout the debate. We’re asking for your comments, too — but we’re pre-moderating them, so please be patient if they don’t appear instantly.

The social web had an undeniable impact on the first two debates, one presidential and one vice presidential: they sparked more than 13 million tweets between them (the first debate set a political record on Twitter), not to mention a massive amount of .GIFs, video clips and other posts.

Politically, Obama will be looking for a dramatic reversal of his performance at the first debate, where many commentators said he appeared flippant and aloof. Romney, on the other hand, will be seeking to capitalize on the gains he’s made since that first encounter.

This debate will be in a town hall-style format, with questions from pre-screened undecided voters — and probably no questions from Internet users.

Will all eyes be on the second debate once again? How will the candidates’ performance differ from two weeks ago? What will be the most tweetable or GIFable moment? Stay tuned to Mashable to find out.

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