WATCH: Skinny Geek Transforms Into ENORMOUS Bodybuilder!

Its amazing what can happen when you set your mind on something and work hard to achieve it.

This is the case for 33-year-old Martyn Ford who is from West Midlands, England. This guy was bone skinny. Embarrassingly thin. He wore bulky clothes to cover it up and avoided shorts and tanktops at all costs. He finally decided to give the weights a try, so he joined a gym.

Something clicked and he suddenly became one with the iron. He enjoyed the workouts and the fact that he was experiencing muscle gain, and adding some size to his skeleton frame was a big motivator. He ended up falling in love with bodybuilding.

His passion soon translated over to not only becoming a pro bodybuilder, but also working as a fitness trainer and eventually getting his own gym called Beta Bodz Gym. His amazing transformation is proof positive that you can go from skin and bones to bulky and muscular with dedication and desire.

Now at nearly 350 lbs., he has been landing some movie roles. The Nightmare is the name of the latest character he will be playing, and one can see why he is the perfect fit for the role!

Here he is training. Check out the video and see how he trains to obtain his incredible physique.

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