Watch Kelly Clarkson Play a Misfit Scientist in ‘People Like Us’

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In the new “People Like Us” music video, three-time Grammy winner Kelly Clarkson assumes the role of a misfit scientist trapped in black-and-white world where colorful people are inspected for being different. Tired of living the plain life, she helps a captive girl escape.

Along the way, a few not-so-subtle product placements fill the colorless world with bright spots. A lime green Nokia Lumia phone makes a cameo at the 1:02 mark, and a red BMW Z4 sports car speeds away from the security guards at 2:58.

“People Like Us” is a new track on Clarkson’s Greatest Hits: Chapter 1, which also included “Catch My Breath” and “Don’t Rush” as fresh music amid her older hits. “People Like Us” debuted last week on Billboard‘s Hot 100 singles chart at number 99.

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