Watch Amish men in Ohio build a barn in 3.5 minutes

This past Spring, Scott Miller took the day off work to help with an Amish barn-raising in rural Ohio. He positioned his camera some distance away and set it to snap a picture every 20 seconds for the entire 10-hour workday.

Here’s the resulting timelapse…

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2 responses to “Watch Amish men in Ohio build a barn in 3.5 minutes”

  1. Jeff says:

    Pretty amazing. Wonder how many men were involved, and what it would have cost if you had to pay for the labor? Quite a feat of organization too. I guess the lull in activity in the middle was lunch break? Looks like fun. I would like to help with that just to learn so much.

  2. Si says:

    I must say, based on the title, it is a bit disappointing to find that they can’t actually build a barn in 3.5 minutes 😉

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