Was Mohamed Morsi Literally Asleep At The Arab League Summit?

WASHINGTON — A picture has been circulating online of Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi appearing to sleep during the Arab League summit in Doha, Qatar, setting off a flurry of mocking tweets — though it’s just as possible Morsi was simply caught blinking.

Al-Arabiya and the Saudi Gazette have reported on the photo, which shows Morsi and other members of the Egyptian delegation with their eyes closed during the opening session of the summit, where the conflict in Syria, represented at the conference by the opposition, is expected to be a premier issue.

The photo has set off some debate on Twitter over whether Morsi was sleeping, and what it means if he was.

A YouTube video appears to show the Egyptian leader conscious:

A State Department official wouldn’t comment on the perception that Morsi was sleeping, and thus un-serious, at the important conference.

“I hadn’t seen that,” said deputy spokesperson Patrick Ventrell in a briefing with reporters. “I’m just not aware.”

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