Using the refrigerator to teach your kid climbing skills

11 responses to “Using the refrigerator to teach your kid climbing skills”

  1. zachl says:

    i wouldn’t think the french would let their kids do that. i wonder if they are belgians?

  2. Jessica says:

    Haha! That’s awesome! Most parents I know would be having a heart attack, but I think it’s great. I wouldn’t mind my girls practicing their climbing skills, as long as they learn when it’s okay and when it’s not. For example, if you’re bored at home and you’re not being destructive, sure. But if you’re at Nana’s house, for the love of the three old people living there, DON’T pull this stunt on them…

  3. John Mahan says:

    With great power comes great responsibility…now you will dust.

  4. Jonathan says:

    I would guess these folks are Canadian. The appliances and all the fixtures look North American, and their accent are nothing I recognize.

  5. Marie says:

    They’re defo French-Canadian, Quebec exactly, the accent is so much recognizable! I wouldn’t do that with my kids, but the little one has indeed some great climbing abilities.

  6. Amber says:

    Yeah I’m all for teaching kids climbing skills but my fridge would topple over and kill someone.

  7. Cheryl says:

    Why would a parent encourage this? I bet this child wins hide and seek every time!

  8. zachl says:

    you may be right but the wallonians of belgium use oui in the same way sounding like “way” instead of “wee.”

  9. zachl says:

    i’ll bet they are french-canadian b/c of the appliance theory. not many people here in belgium have refrigerators that size because there usually is no room.

  10. Mama Bean says:

    they are definitely French-Canadian. it’s all in the way “oui” sounds like “way” instead of “wee” 🙂 This is the French I learned in my Alberta schools lol.

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