Unbelievable. Just When You Thought The News About Rape In This Country Couldn't Get Worse.

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You know how people describe jaws dropping open at shocking news? Well, it’s happening to me. My mouth is agape because I just have no words for this information right here. The injustices here are unfathomable. My gut feels sick when I think of all the survivors who have bravely stepped forward to tell their stories and have had their bodies subjected to pokes and prods after experiencing such a horrific crime … and then this happens?

And the perpetrators. Guess what they might be doing all those years later? Yup.

Trigger warning for discussion of violent rape.

Read more: http://upworthy.com/unbelievable-just-when-you-thought-the-news-about-rape-in-this-country-couldnt-get-worse

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