Troll This Post

1. This post is dedicated to the 3 most massive trolls on BuzzFeed. We love you, you miserable assholes.

4. Check out these cool hip young people

8. Here are some real and very important celebrities!

11. Here’s a quote from Mitt Romney on the sanctity of heterosexual marriage

“When I am President, I will preserve the defense of marriage act and I will fight for a federal amendment defining marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman.”

13. These musicians are totally awesome!

16. Here’s someone on Twitter who doesn’t know who a celebrity is

17. Internet memes are hilarious!

21. The following sentence has been proofread and is perfectly fine:

Today their was a lot of news about mother’s and how there bing traeted by the Republicen party, there veiws are not being respected politicaly.

23. Here are two great 10 hour long youtube videos, you should listen to the whole thing!

25. More cool young people that wear cool clothes!

28. And lastly here’s a joke about women drivers

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