Touching moment in high school basketball game as opposing team gives disabled teen a chance to score

Team sports competition can get pretty ridiculous at times.

All the bravado and arrogance, and for what? A simple game of who can touch more bases or get more balls through a hoop. While competition can be positive and sportsmanship does exist, sometimes we forget the bigger meaning of athletics and the opportunity it can provide each of us to excel as individuals. Sometimes we need to put aside our bravado and competitive nature for a higher good.

Heres a kid named Mitchell who has been a huge basketball fan since a kid. He helps out on the team and is the coachs favorite right hand man. Mitchell is also special needs.

In a surprise move, Mitchell gets the word from his coach to suit on up and get in the game. It was the end of the season, the last game, and it was time to allow those who dont always get the opportunity to excel, to be given some play time. He gets out there and fires away, shot after shot, but he just cant seem to connect. He didnt score any baskets, but the coach had hoped just being in the game was enough. But then something happened.

With only seconds left, a member from the opposing team had possession, and rather than pass it to his fellow teammate, this kid yelled out Mitchell. The rest was a moment that left everyone cheering and many in tears. It was Mitchells moment and one that he, nor anyone else in that gym, would ever forget!

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