This Video Of A Man Kayaking Down A Drainage Ditch At 34 MPH Is Insane

1. This incredible video, posted to Reddit’s video forum, shows kayaker Ben Marr speeding down a concrete drainage ditch into Lions Bay, British Columbia at 34 miles per hour.

Since it was posted yesterday, it has received over 362,782 views.

3. It is filmed from three different angles.

Alison Vingiano/BuzzFeed
Alison Vingiano/BuzzFeed
Alison Vingiano/BuzzFeed

6. He hits Lions Bay and plunges into the water, almost toppling over before regaining control of the kayak.

7. Karr is a pro kayaker with other impressive feats under his belt. In 2010, he drank a beer while kayaking through a waterfall.

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