This Simple Book Is So Much More Than It Appears To Be At First

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Artist Kelli Anderson created something amazing when she designed This Book Is a Camera. Yes, it is a pop-up book…but the title isn’t lying. It’s a camera, too. The book folds up into a simple pinhole camera and it can really take a picture. (After all, cameras aren’t that complicated when you get down to it.)

A pinhole camera is also known as a cameraobscura. According to Wikipedia, it is a “simple optical imaging device in the shape of a closed box or chamber. In one of its sides is a small hole which, via the rectilinear propagation of light, creates an image of the outside space on the opposite side of the box.

Basically, the light comes in and creates an image on the film…

Just open it up…

And put in the film!

(When it’s totally dark.)

It might not seem like much…but this is pretty awesome.

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