This Raw Footage From Before The Station Nightclub Fire Will Chill You To The Core

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If you were anywhere in the Northeast back in 2003, you probably heard about the fire at a nightclub in Rhode Island that killed 100 people. The blaze at The Station in West Warwick, Rhode Island, was caused when the headlining band that night, Great White, started setting off outdoor pyrotechnics inside. Their fireworks ignited the flammable soundproofing on the walls and ceiling which quickly spread to engulf the club.

Because of the fast-moving fire and blocked exits, 100 were trapped in the club and died. Another 230 were injured during the stampede to escape and many of the survivors later developed PTSD.

The following video was taken inside the club during the moments leading up to the fire and just after it started. To say it’s chilling is an understatement…

It is incredibly unsettling how quickly that video goes from a typical night out to a full-blown disaster. The Station fire was the fourth deadliest nightclub fire in American history.

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