This Polar Bear Raided A BBC Film Crew’s Cabin

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While filming for the David Attenborough-narrated documentary series “The Hunt,” a BBC film crew got their hut looted by a polar bear.

The raid happened in the mountains of Svalbard, a Norwegian group of islands situated in the Arctic Ocean. After returning to their camp from a day of shooting, the film crew found that their idyllic hillside hut had been trashed, with the doorripped off its hinges and the inside littered withempty food packets.

According toHvard Fest, the team’s field assistant, the bear had eaten the teams bacon, marinated steak, chicken,sour cream,yogurt and fruit. Although, it had apparently left all the alcohol and Marmite (definitely not a British polar bearthen).

Not too far from the cabin, the polar bear was having a post-lunch nap. They had to use flare guns, which createa loud bang and flash, to frighten the bear without causing harm. Over the next two days, however, the polar bear came back three times.

Maybe it’s payback for nature documentary filmmakers interrupting all those mating sessions.

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