This Place Used To Be A Home To Nightmares. Now? It’s All Fun And Adventure.

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Floods tend to be forces of destruction, but when underground waters filled the Estonian quarry it created something awesome. The quarry used to be home to Rummu Prison, an abandoned Soviet forced labor camp. It was once a place where people led lives that were waking nightmares. Now, it’s one of the coolest beaches you’ll ever see.

The dilapidated buildings make for fun, though likely remarkably dangerous, man-made cliffs to jump off of. Not only that, but the clear water surrounded the abandoned buildings has made it a popular destination for divers.

Check it out!

It might not look like much, but wait until you see what’s on the other side of that hill.


If exposing your skin to the Sun’s powerful rays for an extended period of time isn’t risky enough for you to get your thrill, try jumping off of one of these dilapidated buildings.

Watch the video to see the place in action!

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It’s amazing how time and nature can transform almost anything. This place used to be where dreams and lives went to end. Instead, now it’s home to fun and adventure. Share this post using the buttons below. 

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