This No Touch KO Grandmaster Has Bet $5000 That No MMA Fighter Can Beat Him

His name is Yanagi Ryuken and he apparently is a self-mastered martial arts expert.

His style is definitely unique, as it does not involve any physical contact! Thats right, he says he mastered Qigong, which is some form of martial arts that doesnt involve contact. They call him a no touch KO grandmaster and hes either a one of a kind legend, or just a legend in his own mind. But in the video he provides proof of his power as he ends up knocking out a whole group of trainees using Qigong! Its quite the sight to see all the trainees overcome by the grandmasters skill.

So now the next step for Ryuken is to go up against any mixed martial arts fighter in the world! This is actually his claim, that indeed he can beat any of them placed in front of him. Hes even willing to put up 5 grand to prove it.

It was Iwakura Goh who decided to step up to the plate and accept the challenge. His form of martial arts is called Kyokushin, and it definitely does involve physical contact. But will he be overcome by the power of the grandmaster, just like all the trainees were?

Check it out and see what ends up happening when Gohs skills are put to the ultimate test as he goes up against the no-touch fighting master!

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