This Man’s Best Friend Is A Cat That Acts Like A Dog

Cats are wonderful, but they’ve earned their reputation for being aloof and selfish. Sweet, sure, but they tend to do whatever they want. If you want a loyal companion your best bet is with a dog. Or, as one man learned, with a cat who acts like a dog. Meet Marley, the puppy cat.

Marley’s owner Stephen Miller says the 14-year-old Marley has always acted like a dog. Marley comes when called, sits for treats, and likes to go on walks to the park on his leash. Of course Marley is better than a dog in some regards. Make sure you watch around the 1:30 mark to see Marley doing his two favorite activities, riding in cars and swinging on the playground swing set. Yes, Marley is the greatest cat of all time.

It’s nice to see a kitty break out from the stereotypes to set a new standard of what’s possible from our feline friends. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go try and train my cat.

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