This Is The Nasty, Inhumane Truth About ‘Cage-Free’ Eggs

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When I’m buying eggs, I almost always pick up the ones labeled “cage-free.” They cost a dollar or two more, but they’re humanely obtained and better for you, right?

Sadly, there are a lot of misconceptions about the term “cage-free.” While a farm may not use cages, the conditions are far from humane or sanitary. Birds are packed into buildings, shoulder to shoulder. With little room to move, many go crazy. Others are pecked to death or eaten alive by their mates because starvation and neglect run rampant.

I always thought cage-free farming looked something like this. Blue skies, green fields, and lots of room for happy birds to roam.


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Grocery stores like Costco even label their eggs with pictures of happy, thriving hens.

However, this is what it really looks like inside cage-free farms used by Costco and other retailers.

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On these types of farms, cannibalism among hens has recently gone up by 3,000 percent.

Driven mad by their conditions, hens attack other hens in what is known as “vent-pecking.” This grisly form of cannibalism consists of pecking at reproductive organs until a hole is formed and internal organs can be consumed.

Recently, a team went undercover to view conditions and rescue a bird. This is what they saw.

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I’m definitely going to rethink my breakfast choices. Excuse me while I go vomit forever.

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