This Is How The Famous McDonald’s French Fries Are Actually Made (Video)

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Even if you eat healthily and are staunchly anti-fast food, it’s hard to deny McDonald’s french fries are pretty damn delicious.

But, that’s probably not enough to get someone who cares about their physical well-being to devour a bunch of french fried potaters.

Most people’s concerns over McDonald’s fries come from the uncertainty surrounding the ingredients making them up.

This video showing the whole process resulting in the spectacular fries might alleviate some of these concerns.

Hell, it might even make some health nuts feel a little better about indulging in some greasy goodness every once in a while.

In this video, Grant Imahara takes a deeper look into what goes in a french fry and tries to reverse engineer the process to help make us all feel a little better.

Check it out above.

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