This Indian American Girl Singing “America The Beautiful” In Hindi Has A Simple Yet Powerful Message

1. This Coca-Cola Super Bowl commercial featuring a rendition of “America the Beautiful” sung in multiple languages set off a firestorm on Twitter on Sunday from some calling the ad un-American and threatening to boycott Coke.

9. This is Sushmitha, a young Indian American, who sings “America the Beautiful” in one of India’s official languages – Hindi – in the commercial.

10. In the video, “Coca-Cola – It’s Beautiful in Hindi,” Sushmitha said it was “an honor” to not only sing “as an Indian” but “as a representative of all the Indians in America.”

11. Sushmitha had a simple but powerful message: “It’s so beautiful that we are all the same. We just have different backgrounds and that’s OK. We’re all Americans and we can come together to make change.”

12. Here’s the video of Sushmitha singing “America the Beautiful” in Hindi.

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