This Horrifying Cake In China Screams Out In Pain As You Slice It (Video)

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They sayplants can “hear” themselves being eaten.

While that fact may disturb you, at least your salad can only “hear” you eating it and not actually scream while it’s being devoured.

The same cannot be said for this horrifying cake made in China, which screams in agony as people cut into it.

Cake makers from Shenyang, a province in northeast China, decided to scar party-goers for life with their creation: a life-sized human cake, shackled at the waist with a head that screams out in pain when someone slices off another piece.

According to The Daily Mail, any person passing by who could stomach the idea of eating a piece of screaming cake was welcome to a slice for free.

From the looks of the video above, it seems like plenty of people were totally cool with murdering this cake.

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