This Cat Means Business When He Goes To The Bathroom Inside

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I like to keep a clean home. Mostly it’s because if I don’t, my dog will tear apart any stray item.

While my pup doesn’t often venture into the restroom, my tidiness even extends into the bathroom. I don’t like toilet paper on the floor, I make sure to always wash my hands, etc.

Typically, I don’t think of pets as being particularly picky about how they go to the bathroom…after all, they’re usually outside, in dirt, and some even roll around in it after. Then again, there are always exceptions to the rule — and Viiru the cat is one of them.

Nothing to see here…just a cat using a toilet.

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When Viiru is done, he makes sure to cover his scent with other odors…

Then it’s time for toilet paper. Correction: ALL the toilet paper.

Watch Viiru’s hilarious bathroom routine — the end is probably the best part!

Previously, I didn’t want a cat because I’d have to keep a litter box. Viiru has opened me up to a whole new pet option!

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