This Cassette Tape Factory Is Still Around And Making More Tapes Than Ever

First they said vinyl was dead, and it came back. Now the lowly cassette tape has made a triumphant return. How triumphant? In 2014, just one factory, the National Audio Company, produced more than 10 million tapes. That’s a lot of magnetic tapes. Now Bloomberg has put together a beautiful short documentary about the company that gives an inside look into one of the pioneers of the retro revolution.

In the past year alone they’ve produced tapes for Metallica and the Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack, but the majority of NAC’s business comes from independent bands. As more new listeners discover the joys and quirks of analog music their business just continues to grow. Here’s a wonderful success story about a good old fashioned American business. Enjoy, then dig out your old cassette player for a blast from the past.

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