This Advert For A Scottish Travel Agent Will Be The Most Awkward Thing You See Today

1. Throne travel agents in Kilwinning, North Ayrshire decided to try their hand at making an online advert, and we’re so glad that they did.

2. The video starts with lots of strutting with hands on hips.

3. The lone man in the strutting parade then gets distracted by an elderly couple who desperately need a brochure so they can “sail away”.

The elderly couple seem very grateful.

4. The same elderly couple then get to meet a real life captain!

This is accompanied by a dramatic key change in the trance music backing track.

5. Sadly the captain’s uniform is three sizes too big.

Maybe his mum thought he’d grow into it?

6. Other dramatic moments include a real life Cinderella!

7. More strutting!

8. This careless child.

9. A flashmob and some parkour!

10. And some more strutting through Kilwinning.

11. Watch the whole video here.

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