These Starbucks Ads Prove Texting Will Never Beat Real Life Interactions (Video)

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Starbucks Ads -elite dailyStarbucks Ads -elite daily

For most people, commercial breaks are used as time to do something else — get up and go to the bathroom, refill your bowl of ice cream or anything — anything — that will distract from the TV until the show comes back on. Because commercials, for the most part, are so boring.

However, coffee giant Starbucks created a series of commercials that are both clever and (dare I say?) a little bit inspiring. The trio of ads represents a collective campaign against communication via technology.

The screen first features a standard iPhone text messaging screen with two people texting. Actors read the text at the same time, and little is given away about the context of the situation, until the text disappears and the conversation blossoms.

In each instance, someone sparks the conversation with a remark they wouldn’t be able to make if the people weren’t face-to-face, such as “I know that look!” or “You’re blushing.”

Though the ads aren’t likely to change the way our generation communicates, they do pose an interesting and legitimate point: Nothing can replace good ol’ one-on-one time.

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