These Are The 8 Types Of Gay Guys You’ll Date In Your Twenties

1. 1. The Scenester

The Scenester wears his pride on his sleeve (even though his shirts never have any). What he lacks in subtlety he makes up for by being absolutely fabulous. He’s fun, but exhausting— like dating a drunk StairMaster.

2. 2. The Revolutionist

Some of his favorite catchphrases include— “internalized homophobia,” “heteronormative bullshit,” and “of course I have lesbian friends.” He never knows when to shut up, but his strength of conviction is as great as his heart.

3. 3. The Manchild

When gay nerds kind of grow up, you get the Manchild. His resumé includes adult sports leagues, video games, and fluency in pop culture. To him, life is one big inside joke.

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