The Root Cause of Cancer No One Knows (It’s Been HIDDEN Since the 1930s)

Is DNA damage what causes cells to be cancerous? Thats what most believe.

Cancer cells may have DNA damage, but its not likely that DNA damage leads to cancer cells. The DNA damage is actually the result of the cancer.

What is it that causes cancer then?

Its been studied over the past 125 years with many discoveries having been made.

From 1890 when microbes were discovered to exist in and out of cancer cells, to 1930 when they found that if those microbes inside the cancer cell were killed, the cells could go back to normal. See the video for a discussion on the use of harmonic frequencies originally developed by Dr. Royal Rife.

His lab ended up being destroyed by the FDA and the AMA. Was it because what his discovery was dangerous? No, it was because it actually worked, having a 100% cure rate with his patients!

The Money Problem and the FDA

Naturally this seems ass-backwards. Here you have a cure and the guy is getting shut down?

As per usual, in alignment with the way our society works, all you need to is follow the money to get some answers.

Massive profits selling drugs is the name of the game and any type of cure cancer regimen puts a hell of a lot of people out of business and literally millions upon millions are lost.

But the FDA? Whats their role in all this? Think of Halliburton. Private security contractors. The FDA operates as a similar private police squad in the pharma industry. Protecting profits is the main objective. Shutting down anything or anyone that gets in the way of that objective, no matter the positive benefit, is objective numero uno.

Patents are the key. Drugs by big pharma can be patented. What about frequency wave forms? Molecules in mother nature? Nope. Cant be patented. Thus must not be promoted and must in turn be shunned.

This explains patents versus natural medicines, and the FDA and the AMA ensuring the loser always be natural forms of medicine.

Add in the media who is controlled and pushed to promote medical doctors, while giving less air time and very little credence to any natural form of medicines, let alone doctors who practice natural medicine. A highly accepted form of propaganda which everyone has bought into.

When you think cancer, you think oncologist. Thats the go-to routine and any other is simply not acceptable. Starting your treatment with natural medicine is unheard of and scary, despite that the scientists at the Independent Cancer Research Foundation (ICRF), which is a non-profit foundation that investigates natural medicine, made discoveries which led to the development of more than 25 natural cancer treatments, which targeted and killed the microbes, turning the cells to normal.

This is what Dr. Royal Rife did and since they have since used a new technological device inspired by his equipment that actually kills the microbes inside the cancer cells. This is known as the High RF Frequency Device.

How Microbes Inside Cancer Cells Cause Cancer

Basically the microbes inside the cancer cells partially end up blocking the production of ATP energy. Cancer cells will have lower ATP energy due to it having less pyruvate, due to the less available glucose.

Does DNA Damage Cause Cancer?

DNA damage isnt what causes cells to be cancerous. It is just a symptom of the presence of the microbes.

But the cancer researches, like the ones at the American Cancer Society try to fix DNA damage, when naturally this is a waste of time, while the general public are convinced that they are actively looking for a cure. They are really not intent on curing anything going about it in this manner.

Instead, if you kill the microbes inside cancer cells like Dr. Rife did, the microbes are prevented from blocking the ATP energy. Now that the microbes were dead the cancer cells had ATP energy access and went back to normal.

There have been about 25 different ways discovered on how to kill the microbes while inside cancer cells, by the Independent Cancer Research Foundation research.

The honey and turmeric protocol, is part of the Dirt Cheap Protocol due to its affordability to all. It causes cancer cells to be attracted to the honey and this can kill the microbes to some degree, but mixing with turmeric or another effective herb can really wipe them out. Thus honey becomes a delivery system to get the turmeric inside, and turmeric has been shown to be very effective in studies.

There are a dozen or so other techniques in the Dirt Cheap Protocol which are targeted to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells.

You can find this protocol on the Cancer Tutor website (

Natural medicine employs traditional methods along with cutting edge, state-of-the-art technologies to cure cancer. Natural medicine cancer clinics do exist and you can learn how to go about the battle against cancer in a way that is rarely, if ever, promoted in the mainstream. Yet it can be very effective to win the battle once and for all, without resorting to the usual dangerous and accepted methods that are heavily promoted in the mainstream.

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