The Evolution Of Barbie

For many girls, Barbies are just as much a part of growing up as any friend or family member. The doll goes everywhere the kid goes and the two can’t be separated no matter how hard the parents try. Barbie has had more of an impact on American fashion and beauty than many real-life models, that’s pretty good for a piece of plastic.

Since the first doll in 1959, Barbies have looked pretty much the same. They always have white skin, blue eyes and blonde hair. Sure, her hair might be done up in a different way and her clothes might change, but Barbie’s size and shape has always been consistent. Until now. 

The newest models of Barbie take the concept into a new age. There are now four totally different looking dolls that represent the style and grace Barbie is known for. This is done so that girls of all kind can relate to their dolls, not just the ones with blonde hair and blue eyes. The hope is that a new generation of girls will grow up with a wider concept of what beauty means. That way, every girl can call themselves beautiful and have a Barbie to back it up.

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