The Craziest Save-the-Date Video You’ve Ever Seen

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Kim and Kanye might want to grab a pen and take some notes.

San Francisco couple Bambo Obaro and Janice Jentz set out to make an “epic” save the date video for their upcoming nuptials — and, well, they certainly succeeded.

The video follows Obaro as he takes a helicopter, a plane and a car to reach a glammed-up Jentz at their Gatsby-esque party. Everything is over-the-top and covered in glitter as the couple vogues their way through the festivities.

While it does paint a flashy picture of the couple, the filmmakers at Major Diamond Productions assure on their Vimeo page that Obaro and Jentz are “extremely down to earth, and two of the kindest, most thoughtful and dedicated individuals that we know.”

But the couple wanted their announcement to be an experience — and no one wants to see “down to earth” when you can have Bollywood dancers, anyway.

Makes us wonder if Michael Bay might want to get into the wedding business.

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