The Baltimore Ravens Are The Clear Super Bowl Favorite (For Animals)

1. Teddy Bear, a porcupine, is firmly on Baltimore’s side. No hesitation whatsoever.

Last year, Teddy nailed the upset with his Giants pick.

2. Mr. Nuts, a Bay Area cat, has defiantly picked Baltimore to prevail.

Mr. Nuts’ owners are actually rabid Steelers fans, but they’re confident that the feline’s powers of prediction will find their AFC rival victorious. (He has never been wrong.)

3. Princess, a New Jersey camel, also says the Ravens will triumph.

Princess, much like Mr. Nuts and Teddy Bear, also nailed New York’s upset of New England last year.

4. And how could you go wrong with five random ADORABLE puppies? Yet another pick for the Ravens.

The 49ers never had a chance with this one.

5. About the only animal of note in San Francisco’s camp is Frankie, a saki monkey from Texas.

Apparently, Frankie is putting “frown faces all over the Ravens team (logo),” so that’s got to be a positive sign for the 49ers.

6. Just about the only other creature in the animal world predicting a 49ers win is famed sports geek NEWT SILVER.

Silver’s conclusion: ” … While the 49ers had the better offense and defense, the Ravens had the best special teams in the league this year. If they do pull off the upset, on the heels of Steve Weatherford’s game-changing performance for the Giants in last year’s Super Bowl, perhaps it will be time for a new cliché: punters win championships. But don’t count on that.”

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