The airline pilot purposely delayed the flight. When you see why, youll be amazed!

Heres a pretty amazing story of one mans mission to catch a full eclipse from a very unique perspective.

He noticed that the next solar eclipse would be best seen from an Alaskan Airlines flight. Joe Rao is an astronomer and realized that the airline would indeed be flying through the darkest part of the moons shadow on the same day as the eclipse was happening. One slight problem though. The flight was taking off 25 minutes too early to actually catch the full eclipse! No doubt Joe was bummed, but with the timing so darn close, he knew he had to at least try convincing the airlines if it was at all possible for them to delay the flight for 25 minutes, so not just him, but all the passengers could witness the eclipse.The airline agreed! Joe immediately booked a window seat! He also put the word out and fellow astronomers and eclipse enthusiasts also booked seats on the flight.

When they arrived to the perfect spot, the view was everything they hoped for and then some. All the passengers, as well as staff, were blown away by the sight of the moon passing in front of the sun. Because of Joe, this turned out to be an experience that clearly no one aboard will ever forget. Check out the amazing video to watch the eclipse!

Amazing, right? You can imagine how it must have been on board the plane when this was happening. Its so great that Alaska Airlines agreed to this. Sometimes stretching the rules has tremendous rewards, and this was definitely one of those times.

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