The 28 Most Sexual Moments From One Direction’s Fragrance Ad

1. When Louis fingers this little camera thing.

2. When Niall frames his perfect blue eyes.

3. When Louis sensuously swivels around in this grapefuit chair and doesn’t look very sexual but you know he’s probably thinking about stuff, ya know.

4. When Liam sexually sniffs these berries.

5. And when Harry shoves his nose and lips into these flowers.

6. When Louis gropes this actual grapefruit.

7. When Niall sniffs the air all sexually.

8. And then Harry has eye sex with the camera.

9. Then Liam.

10. When Zayn sexually blows these petals all over.

11. And then Harry sexually caresses the wind.

12. When Zayn tries to passionately cup these flowers.

13. And then Louis and Harry just dump all over him.

14. When Niall sexually sniffs this sock.

15. And then Louis looks all sexy with this grapefruit.

16. And then Harry aggressively holds on to this flower.

17. When Liam gently touches this strawberry and these grapes.

18. And then when Niall turns out to be behind him the whole time.

19. When Louis squirts himself in the face.

20. And then rubs himself all sexually like this.

21. When Liam smiles.

22. And Harry winks.

23. And then Louis fingers this giant blob.

24. And then looks all sexual like this.

25. When he gets real close to the camera.

26. When they all stare at the fragrance bottle like they want to make love to it.

27. And then when Louis steals it to go spend time with it alone.

28. And finally when Zayn totally grabs Liam’s boob behind the fragrance title.

Here’s the entire sexual experience:

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