The 15 Best Forgotten MTV Shows

1. Rich Girls, 2003-2004

Quite possibly MTV’s greatest work, featuring a teenage Ally Hilfiger and her best friend. Uncovered the existential crisis that came with being unfathomably wealthy and included such philosophical debates as “save a life or buy a pair of shoes?”

2. Singled Out, 1995-1998

Against all my feminist instincts, here is my official plea to MTV to bring back this blind date show, originally hosted by Chris Hardwick (swoon!) and Jenny McCarthy. Basically, you were guaranteed to meet the love of your life and all you had to do was kick out all the stupid, unfortunately endowed guys with weird facial hair.

3. Alternative Nation, 1992-1997

Kind of like the original TRL without the audience; way cooler ‘cause of this cool chick, Kennedy, who hosted.

4. The Ben Stiller Show, 1992-1993

Although this switched networks after the first season, there’s pure gold in Stiller’s comedy show which featured your favorite musicians acting silly and sketches like “Skank Goes Blind,” “Dead Head Insurance Salesman,” and “Mohican Master 2000 & Jazzercise With Wolves.”

5. The Ashlee Simpson Show, 2004-2005

Watch Ashlee Simpson as she works on her “singing” career. Watch Ashlee Simpson battle acid reflux. Watch Ashlee Simpson chase boys. That’s about it.

6. Daria, 1997-2002

Random fact: It took 10 months to a whole year to produce one episode of Daria.

7. Newlyweds, 2003-2005

Thanks to this glimpse into Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson’s life, we were finally able to clear up that “chicken or fish” business.

8. The Cut, 1997-1999

Remember this musical act competition show hosted by Lisa “Left Eye” Lopez? (RIP.) And how when someone got cut off the show, she’d make make a cut motion across her throat? Wasn’t that cool?

9. Pimp My Ride, 2004-2007

The premise for this show was to find the shittiest cars in America and give them all the necessary upgrades: popcorn makers, TVs, clothes dryers, sick sound systems. And oh yeah: flames. Lots of flames.

10. House of Style, 1989-2000

I have a feeling we adore House of Style way more now as a nostalgia thing because seeing Salt-N-Pepa in Betsey Johnson or Cindy Crawford have a style chat with Will Smith on the set of Fresh Prince is totally vintage.

11. The Osbournes, 2002-2005

The ultimate American family. Nevermind that they’re British.

12. The Grind, 1992-1997

The Grind was pretty much this: Watch these people dance up on each other.

13. Date My Mom, 2004-2006

A guy or girl meets three moms and makes his decision based on his dates with mumsy. Word to the wise: MILFs are usually misleading.

14. Room Raiders, 2003-?

Is this show really still on? If so, then this is a brilliant way to figure out if you want to date someone. A girl or guy inspects someone’s room and even gets a black light to see just how dirty their sheets are.

15. Say What? Karaoke, 1998-2003

Watch idiots do their worst at karaoke. And one of them somehow wins.

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