Tennessee Woman’s Rant About How ‘Leggings Ain’t Pants’ Goes Viral In Facebook Video.

What are leggings? Should they really be considered pants? Or are they really just an undergarment, and if so does that mean women have been walking around pantless since the 80s?

Jamie Higdon Randolph to the rescue. This lady from Tennessee provides the diva answer we all need to hear. And over 12 million people so far have heard her priceless rant!

Heres a classic excerpt from her epic in-the-car rant:

Some of you people like to use leggins as britches, as pants, she says. Thats not how theyre supposed to be worn. If you cant wear a shirt that covers your tail so that I cant tell that you got some Aztec-print thongs on, you dont need to be wearing em.

Dont forget to share this with all of your girlfriends to enlighten them about the proper wearing of leggings!

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