Talking Guinea Pig Sounds a lot Like Ricky Gervais

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Ricky Gervais has a new endorser for his voice on social media app Just Sayin’. It’s not a Hollywood celebrity or a sports star. It’s a talking guinea pig named Rory.

In a hilarious ad posted to YouTube, Rory complains about how nobody takes him seriously on the Internet because of his unruly hair. “That never points the same way twice!” he complains in the video. “For us guinea pigs, everyday is a bad day.”

After reading a few of the jokes commenters made on his video blog, Rory announces that he has a found a solution: Just Sayin’.

Just Sayin’ is an app that lets users share voice, text, photos and video (or any combination of them) on Facebook and Twitter. It was launched on September 19 by Gervais, who created the app along with voice-technology company CloudTalk. If nobody has to see his hair and they can just hear his voice, Rory concludes, they will finally take him seriously.

Watch Rory snap back at the trolls on his blog, complain about his hair problems and talk about Just Sayin’.

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