Syrian Rebels Post Victory Footage to YouTube

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After anti-government fighters in the Free Syrian Army took control of several border crossings between Syria and its neighboring countries on Thursday, some of them posted celebratory footage to YouTube, seen above. According to The New York Times, this particular crossing connects Syria to Turkey, but other reports indicate rebel activity at crossings between Syria and Iraq as well.

In the video, rebel fighters can be seen shooting sub-machine guns into the air and defacing a poster of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. It’s unknown if the rebels held the border crossing for long.

With few foreign journalists working in the country and state media serving largely as a propaganda machine for Assad’s government, the Syrian Free Army has turned to YouTube to get its message heard by the international community.

YouTube has highlighted videos from Syria on its home page and on its “CitizenTube” platform. The New York Times has an ongoing project to validate and contextualize video from within Syria.

No response from the Turkish side of the border is seen in the video. The relationship between the two neighboring countries has been historically less than friendly, and they’ve further deteriorated since the Syrian uprising began. In June of 2012, a Turkish military jet was shot down by Syrian government forces, resulting in heightened tensions along the countries’ shared border.

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