Surprise! Kanye West Was Super Pissed That He Got Made Fun Of At The VMAs (Video)

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Kanye West doesn’t take kindly to jokes.

If you recall, comedian Jay Pharoah impersonated Kanye at this year’s VMAs. He joked about Kanye’s self-proclaimed genius and his relationship with Kim Kardashian.

It was all in good fun, but Kanye didn’t think so. At this weekend’s Made in America Festival, Kanye told the crowd he called Jay Pharoah after the VMAs and gave him a piece of his mind.

Kanye said,

We ain’t gonna have no black comedians going up [on] stage spoofing the people that’s working hard to open doors not only for black people, but [for] any creators, anybody that wants to add a contribution to the world.

But, aren’t you just doing that to Jay Pharaoh? I mean, he is a comedian, after all. Kanye went on to say,

They want to make a joke out of how hard we work. It’s fine and all funny and everything, but don’t distract from our vision. It’s not a joke what we do up here. This music that we do is not a joke. What we do culturally is not a joke.

Here’s the thing, Kanye. You’re a super successful guy and you make some great music from time to time, but lighten up, man. Take a joke.

You’re pretty much a walking caricature of yourself, so try to accept that you’re a ridiculous human being. Life will be much easier for you.

H/T: MTV, Photo Credit: WENN

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