Strangers Were Asked To Write Their Biggest Regrets. What They All Had In Common? Tore My Heart Up

We all have regrets. What do you think your biggest is?

This question was posed to strangers as part of a social experiment where a blackboard was propped up on a sidewalk in New York City. The question was posed, and those who wanted to could share their own personal answers. Obviously its a touchy issue. It brings up past regrets and forces us to think about them all over again. Surprisingly though, quite a few felt the need to express themselves. Perhaps it became an outlet for them to unload some of the bottled up regrets they are still hanging onto.

Through this experiment, we can pinpoint certain patterns. One of those patterns was the word not. Many people wrote that did “not” do this, or did “not” do that. One message simply said, not saying I love you.

Check out this powerful experiment and see what happens in the end. A glimmer of light is provided for all those that participated in letting out their regretful actions or decisions they made previous in life.

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