Strangers Answer The Awkward Question Of How Many People They’ve Slept With (Video)

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QuietAssassins took to the streets to ask strangers a very personal question: the number of people they’ve had sex with.

The two-minute long video is packed full of surprises, with some people proudly boasting their numbers (which range from “none” to “hundreds”) and others telling the camera man to “f*ck off.”

About half of the people in the video are censored out because they wouldn’t agree to be shown in the YouTube clip, but props to the good sports who played along. Surprisingly, they were mostly older people. Who says old people are boring?

The two best responses?

One man who answers, “I’d say about 53,” which is so specific that regardless of whether it’s accurate or not, is an amusing answer.

And the second being the painfully awkward man who answers at the 1:37 mark and proceeds to blankly stare at the camera for another 10 seconds.

For extra amusement, don’t miss the treasure trove of ridiculous comments.

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