Stephen Fry and the QI crew discuss the funniness of women

4 responses to “Stephen Fry and the QI crew discuss the funniness of women”

  1. Beth says:

    That was exactly my thought. Hilarious women who talk a lot are labeled much differently than hilarious men who talk a lot.

  2. Braden Keith says:

    I believe there’s some truth to the defensiveness women present when being joked with. It goes back to them presenting themselves as a minority and feeling like they’re entitled to better treatment while also demanding equal treatment. The equal treatment is not the better treatment. He would have joked like that with a male counterpart as well and men would not have ran to their rescue. How about Mr. Fry jumping to the aide of the other lady beginning to cut herself down?All in all, I feel there’s a lot to say with the psychology of how you present yourself. If you convince yourself you’re the minority and try to convince others of the same, you’ll be able to find whatever you want to find to prove that to be the case.For the record, my girlfriend is one of the funniest people I know. She also really knows how to take a joke. Makes for some awesome banter.

  3. Roo says:

    Depends on what ‘taking a joke’ means. A lot of the time something is honestly a joke, and there’s nothing wrong with some banter, obviously. But here’s the thing – sometimes people just like to make others feel bad about themselves. And often, their defence when they get called out on it is ‘you can’t take a joke’.Given that bullying and harrassment and people just being douchebags is a real thing of the world, and that most people experience being treated like utter crap once in a while, why is it so hard to believe that sometimes women don’t find jokes funny because they’re actually… not?Skill in comedy means knowing where to pitch it for best effect. How fine to cut it, without picking on people. Since Ancient Greek times, comedy was about humbling the mighty, whilst at the same time raising the humble. At its best, comedy is about bringing those with power down a notch. Not using it as a tool to bully others. Too often people (not just men, obviously) have said something that’s actually pretty rude and justified it with ‘it’s just a joke’ when really they just wanted to see how far they could go with insulting people…

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