Something You Should Know Before The New Vampire Weekend Album Drops

1. On May 14th, Vampire Weekend are dropping their new album, Modern Vampires of the City. / Via http://Stereogum

How exciting!

2. These New York rockers always have something new and fresh up their sleeves. Especially Ezra Koenig, because he’s the most interesting part of the group. / Via http://Spin

Look at him in this silly costume.

3. WRONG! / Via http://The%20Guardian

Just look at this guy. Look at him.

4. Say hello to Chris Tomson, the drummer.

Where did he come from?

5. He’s a drumming ninja. A real-life Energizer Bunny. Look at him go.

Dizzy yet?

6. Even Drum Magazine is impressed.

It seems like there’s a niche for everyone these days.

7. He also makes a gnarly drummer face.

9. This is probably the best example of his ninja arms in action. Seriously, what.

Via http://YouTube

Especially at 00:07 and 01:18. And everywhere else.

10. This is cool, too.


Ninja on the move.

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