Something Happened In This Woman’s Brain That Caused An Unusual Side Effect

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Something strange has happened to a woman in Atlanta, Georgia. She is American by birth, but due to an unusual medical phenomenon, she has developed something that sounds like a cross between a Scottish burr and South African accent.

The woman’s name is Linda Pereira, and she claims that the condition started when she had what she refers to as an “electrical storm” in her brain one night. She woke up unable to move or speak. When she finally regained the ability to speak, she discovered that she had acquired a new accent.

She recorded this video a few days after the event.

This was taken one month later.

Two months later, her accent changed again.

And after three months, it happened again.

(via Mashable)

What do you think? Do you think that Foreign Accent Syndrome is a real thing, or do you think that this woman is playing a trick on us? Most medical professionals attribute the syndrome to strokes and other forms of brain trauma, but it appears that Pereira has developed it out of nowhere.

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