Someone Shouted “We’re Coming For You” To An Indian-American Comic And He Handled It Perfectly

2. Deepak Sethi was performing at the LA Comedy Club in Las Vegas when he asked the crowd if there was any military there.

4. After a man cheered, Sethi started to say “Thank you,” when the man yelled, “We’re comin’ for ya!”

6. “Why are you cheering that?!” he said.

7. “I live in L.A.! I drive a Prius! I’m not those guys,” he added.

8. “Are you even allowed to say that to browns?” he asked him.

9. “God, what do they teach you in recruiting, ‘Anytime you see a brown guy, anywhere, you just fucking yell threats at them’?”

10. Sethi mostly laughed off the heckler, keeping the bit going for nearly three minutes.

11. But after the show, Sethi ended up meeting the man, who he said was a “real vet … and really cool,” the comic wrote on Reddit.

“He was with his wife who was super embarrassed. I got them free comps to future shows for being a good sport. Like someone else mentioned, this was the friendliest heckle ever! I really don’t think he was trying to be racist.”

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