Smoothest lane-change of all time

From the middle of the interstate to the left lane all the way over to the far right lane — If we pretend this was on purpose, this driver is awesome…

(via Whole of the Internet)

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4 responses to “Smoothest lane-change of all time”

  1. AStev says:

    No turn signal. Argh.

  2. PhilA says:

    if he had carried on going it would have been a MEGA-WIN!

  3. Roger Messner says:

    This driver is actually pretty awesome. Despite the original reason they ended up in this situation they were awesome enough to know to not slam on the brakes, hint hint wink wink over cautious winter drivers, and ride out the spin.Although, whoever titled this “Like A Boss” should stop it. “Whaaaaassssss Up!”Yeah, “Like a Boss”…already that annoying.

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