Skier Befriends The Cutest Ringed Seal Pup… And Melts Hearts Everywhere.

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Juha Salo was skiing the Western coast of Finland when he had the most adorable encounter with a ringed seal pup. At first, the little seal cried as Juha approached it and it quickly became apparent to him that the pup was lost, and couldn’t find its mother.

The helpless baby seal soon took a warming to Juha and started following him around, refusing to leave his side, acting just like a puppy. My heart was barely able to take it.

(Source: Juha Salo)

Juha says that the day after he came across the seal pup again, this time with two other baby seals and it didn’t seem as hungry that time. Here’s hoping the mother wasn’t too far away during the first encounter and that she found her baby.

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