She’d Known Nothing But Loneliness. Now Watch As She Picks Out Her First Toy.

When I brought home my golden retriever around seven years ago, he was the most skittish and frightened dog I’d ever seen in his breed.

Sadly, he spent his puppyhood being abused, kicked, hit with objects, and locked up alone in a tiny apartment. At just a year old, his owner abandoned him at the pound like a piece of trash. Now he’s as happy and goofy as could be after coming to live with my family, but it’s heartbreaking to think anyone could treat a dog as sweet as him so cruelly. Unfortunately, what happened to him isn’t unique, as evidenced by this pup’s similar story.

Before being rescued a few years ago, Roo the golden retriever had been starved and neglected by her owner. By the time she was one, she’d never had anything to chew on and not so much as one toy to play with. That’s what makes the recorded scene below so touching.

Watch as her new family takes her to a pet store and lets her pick out her very first toy. Good choice, Roo!

Just seeing how curious and excited she was after all she’d been through brought tears to my eyes. She deserves all the toys in the world.

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