She Paints Orange Eyeshadow Over Her Tattoo On Her Foot. When She’s Done? Awesome!

Tattoos are either an amazing thing, or a ridiculous concept; it all depends on who you’re talking to at the time!

One thing for certain about them however, is that most employers don’t look favorably on them, and some people have even been denied positions they were well qualified for due to their skin art. Don’t let that happen to you!

Thanks to Michelle on the YouTube channel Nibbles Official, this simple to follow make-up tutorial will leave your skin looking as natural as the day you were born! That means it’ll look smooth and clean, your tattoos will be completely concealed. I know that even the term ‘makeup’ can sound a bit off-putting for some, and to those I ask; would you rather wear makeup and have a job, or wear no makeup and have no job? The choice is obviously yours, though I do highly suggest option A. What do you think, should employers ease up on tattoo policies or are they right in their already set ways?

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