Scientists Believe They Have Created The Perfect Cow…And It Looks Terrifying

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In an effort to create cattle with a hyper-lean, muscular physique, Belgian farmers began breeding their cows with the British Shorthorn breed. The result? A cow that looks like it straight-up juices steroids every day before it makes its way out to the pasture.

But the truth is, there’s no Alex Rodriguez stuff going on here. Belgian Blue cattle grow their hyper-lean muscles completely naturally. The secret is generations of selective breeding.

Since 1808, farmers have only allowed the most muscular bulls to mate, causing herds to become bigger and beefier with every generation.

So that’s why you can have cows that looks like this:

To learn more about the Belgian Blue cattle, watch this segment from National Geographic.

Jeez! These cows look like bullies! I’m almost afraid they’re going to take my milk money.

You’re probably asking, why don’t all cows look like this? The truth is that even though the Belgian Blue produces much leaner meat than standard cattle, the species can’t survive in harsh conditions, and a highly specialized staff is needed to care for them.

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