Road raged Russians quickly regret what they’ve started.

Why does Russia always seem to have the funniest videos involving people and their road rage?

Does that mean that they’re an inherently angry people, or that there’s more of them that can’t drive than people who can’t elsewhere? At this point I’m not even sure I want to have that question answered, because I’m sure if there were as many dash cams in America as there are over there we’d see more from our own streets… but for now just watching how bad the Russians have it is enough to get a good laugh from me!

Take this video below for example, one which features one of the best road rage fights I’ve ever seen break out and it’s all thanks to a couple of idiots beating another man’s car. It’s uncertain as to why they started bashing the other car in the first place, but the one thing that is certain is that they should have just stuck to threats, because there’s no way they won’t regret this in the morning…

It didn’t take too long, but once the passenger has taken as much of their sh** as he could stand he just unleashed the fury, sending a flurry of hits towards his attackers. It’s like watching raw justice unfold… it’s beautiful…

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